Hey, hello, hi

My name is Aimee and I'm the one woman band behind Mellow Root Herbals. I live in the beautiful woods of New England raising my three babies and making herbal products with intention that can be used daily to enrich your life and help bring you closer to the natural world which we are all from.  

I've been studying herbs for almost two decades. They're my favorite teachers along with the Earth's subtle rhythms. My herbal formulas vary with the season depending on which plants are available and which ones I am intuitively called to use.  I believe the plants that grow around us are here as a gift and we should learn from them and incorporate them into our daily lives.

I use the highest quality/organically grown plants and tallow in all of my products and everything is handcrafted by me in micro batches. Anything I wild harvest is done with great intention and only if there is an abundance.

One of my main goals is to inspire people to make their own herbal products because I believe that we all have the ability to take good care of ourselves. I also think that every time someone handcrafts something with positive intention it is a beautiful reflection of themselves and the great universe we all live in.

Some fun facts about me: I love the woods.  I love weeds.  I love farming and growing plants. I love babies.  My favorite color is purple and my middle name is Rose.

Thank you for letting me share my love of plants with you! Be well and so much gratitude. Feel free to drop me a line, I'd always love to hear from you! 




Disclaimer: The plants I use are generally safe for most people but listen to your body and discontinue use if any irritation may occur because everyone of us is a little different! I'm a folk herbalist, I am not a medical doctor. I have spent much of my time working with these plants and I always like to let people know how important it is to use common sense and to first do some research of your own. Especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, using on children or if you are on prescription drugs or have other underlying medical conditions.