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Winter Markets:

Local Maverick Valentine's Market - Thursday, February 9th from 5pm-8pm in The Atrium


Summer Farmers' Markets:

stay tuned for 2023 dates

Stowe Farmers' Market & Burlington Farmers' Market


Eternal Return

Green Mountain Dry Goods

Horn of the Moon Apothecary

Wilson Herb Farm Market

The Roots Farm Market

Local Maverick Market


Beautiful suppliers that I use:

Zack Woods Herb Farm

Foster Farms Botanicals

Eden Botanicals

Pure Jojoba

Peaceful Harvest Mushrooms

Northwoods Apiaries


Beings that I love and support:

Way Out Wax

United Plant Savers

Generation Herb

Synergy Sound Healing


Live Forever Foods

Green Seed Herbals

Suzaaaaanne Woodard's Operation

Earthlove Box

Featherflies...Ali G

and so many more...